©Katie Standke


The Coastlines Wilmington Trail public sculpture reinterprets the water’s edge, now obscured from residents of the City of Wilmington by the Port of Los Angeles’ occupancy of the waterfront.  A half-mile stretch of sandstone towers, marking a western ridge of park, reference the coastal bluffs of San Pedro. Local sandstone slabs stacking to form the towers which cantilever slightly outward, creating variably angling forms that thrust 12 to 15 feet skyward. A north-south view emphasizes the towers’ rhythmic variation in height, while an east-west view aligns the tower’s angles to create the illusion of the coastal cliffs. On the tallest towers, two each on either end of the piece, misters spray water from between the sandstone block, creating cooling microclimates and referencing the gradual process of erosion and decomposition.


Wilmington, CA 2014
Budget: $300,000
Size: .5 miles, 15' towers