Curtain Call Garden Passage

 ©Hood Design Studio


Curtain Call, inspired by David Gallo Walter’s full-stage panorama of the Hill District for August Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle at the Kennedy Center, is a call to make the Hill District residents visible in this newly constructed entertainment landscape. Four undulating structural frames emanate from a terraced rain garden on the west elevation of the new Pittsburgh Arena. The curved frames, laced with steel tension wires, are light and airy, providing an open framework for image tiles. Images collected by the artist team from Hill District Residents, of people and places in the district, will be reproduced on acrylic tiles and appended to the steel frame. As images are added to the curtain overtime the story of the Hill and its history is told.  As visitors walk along the curtain, they are reminded of the surrounding culture and history.


Hill District, Pittsburg, PA 2011
Budget: $800,000
Size: 1 Acre