Goldsboro smART Vision Plan

The City of Goldsboro was founded in anticipation of the construction of the Southern Railroad, whose tracks, including the 140-foot right-of-way came to define Goldsboro’s downtown. Over time this aspect of the city’s physical and social fabric disappeared. Creating a three-mile public art rail-trail loop connects the commercial downtown, residential developments, and creates an opportunity to extend pedestrian access to historic Waynesborough and the Neuse River.  The loop creates a third scale for Goldsboro, mediating between the two currently legible : an intimate downtown and the anonymous major highways that circumvent downtown.  This trail cultivates a rich cultural history, leverages investments into Center Street and Union Station, and supports planning efforts and government priorities. Phasing allows for gradual implementation and simultaneous fundraising. Goldsboro ART is a permanent asset for residents and visitors. 

city of gOLDSBORO

Goldsboro, NC 2015 - Present
Size: 300 Acres