Oasis Oases

Photo Courtesy of Tristan Bond &  OLCDC


A community temporary painting project, “Site/Cite” calls out and re-interprets existing infrastructural elements. Then, a large-scale, long-term art project creates sculptural Oases along Ali-Baba Avenue. After rain, puddles of varying sizes can be found on streets and properties throughout the city. Asphalt, fencing, and layers of superimposed infrastructure amplify the region’s naturally hot and humid climate and prevent storm-water from infiltrating into the soil. An oasis therefore allows both people and water to escape from the heat and rigidity of the street without truly leaving the street.  Further thinking about the materiality of the sidewalk rather than its direct functionality, one can transform the sidewalk into inhabitable sculpture: the ordinary sidewalk peels away from the ground plane to form a surface for seating. 

OPA LOCKA community development corporation

Opa Locka, FL 2015
Size: 2 miles