Project Row House

©Hood Design Studio


This installation for the Project Row House “Shotguns 2001” exhibit evokes the memory of the black families who had inhabited these spaces and created homes within this prolific housing typology in the South.  Shotgun housing became the basic form of housing for immigrants and blacks. Its migration as a building form can be traced to the Caribbean and Africa where large families filled and slept within these three room buildings.

Five wood beds built of poplar fill this space. Curving and weaving bands of poplar wood add tangible life, motion, and clothing to the simple frame. From one inch wide to six inches wide, the weavings increase in density and complexity and lend individuality to the beds and the past occupants of the house. 


Houston, TX 2001
Budget: $5,000
Size: 10,180 sq. ft
Materials: Poplar Wood