Phillips Community Master Plan

The residents of Phillips Community, once a rural agricultural village, developed a particular strategy for the community’s flora; to utilize the overgrown as a residential buffer, wildlife corridor, and strategy for altering micro-climate. Amenities include: Crossroad, enhancement of the Road 41 by creating significant physical features that will slow passersby’s and transform the existing two roads into the Crossroad; Field and Porch, a recreation and meeting landscape for the people; Old Parker’s Island Bridge, replacing the existing bridge with a new pier that extends out to Holdback’s mean water channel allowing for fishing and boat launching; Sweet Grass Walk, a new path that skirts through marsh and upland, weaving common material together to create varied experiences of the wetland through its physical form; and the Meeting House, a temporary building whose interior has the ability to be transformed by resident artisans, exhibiting various weaving and tectonic traditions. 


Charleston, SC 2006