Bay View Opera House

Photos Courtesy of Dennis Andersen Photography/BluewaterPictures & Lauren Dryer


The opera house - the oldest wood structure in San Francisco - houses a wide-ranging community focused program, but the exterior area didn’t provide the correct spaces or accessibility to allow the programs to spill into exterior. To address the accessibility limitations, a floating walkway of glass, steel and wood is introduced, embracing the exterior of the building, connecting the existing entries and porches to a new stage and outdoor theater in the southern gardens. This walkway is both a functional accessibility device to address the large grade changes on site, as well as providing an iconic gesture toward the neighborhood streets. In addition to the theater area, a new children’s gardens and stormwater retention areas are sculpted into the existing ground to provide much needed program space while achieving the ambitions stormwater goals for the project.


San Francisco, CA 2016
Budget: $3 Million
Size: 1 Acre