Wildlife Art Sculpture Terrace 

The Jackson Sculpture Terrace is a new landscape combining public art and public space with the vast sweeping borrowed scenery of the adjacent Teton Mountain Range.  Spanning the length of a quarter-mile-long former parking lot at the National Museum of Wildlife Art and overlooking a natural elk reserve, the terrace breaks and turns, lifts and fractures to provide a walking experience as stimulating as the surrounding landscape and as culturally fulfilling as the contents within the museum. The scale of the terrace, surfaces and individual landscape elements are calibrated to the vastness of the dramatic borrowed scenery. The pedestrian trek is punctuated by monumental wildlife sculptures. Trails branch off from the terrace, eventually linking the museum to downtown Jackson, a tourist destination for thousands every winter and summer season.


Jackson, WY 2012
Budget: $10 Million
Size: 10 Acres