Revelatory Landscapes

©Hood Design Studio


By evoking the entropic dissolution of the neighborhood, the installation reveals the history of the physical and social landscape of the site.  7th Street Blues is an installation covering a space of three city blocks along 7th Street in West Oakland.  Its intention is designed to invoke the history of the neighborhood through a series of three small interventions.  Reflective mirrors placed on the above grade BART uprights to reflect the demise of the adjacent community.  A series of benches of different sizes and scales sit in the green adjacent to the BART rail structure interprets the neighborhood, displaying text and images of the site’s history.  Twelve low stacked wood walls, painted blue contained the address of the building that was torn down to make way for the postal garage parking structure.

san francisco musuem of modern art

Oakland, CA 2001
Budget: $20,000
Size: 3 city blocks