Symbiotic Village: Collage City 3D

Photos Courtesy of UABB 2015


The Symbiotic Village explores relationships expressed within the urban typology of a Pearl River Delta water village, asking the question “how can we live with water?” Water village farmers nurtured the coexistence of mulberry trees, silkworms, and fish, reprocessing waste and producing crops. 70s and 80s industrialization and development altered or erased these coexistences. The Symbiotic Village considers this history, aquariums hang in nylon nets (metaphorically silk), a wall of mulberry trees grown under artificial light gesture towards the nurturing of silk worms, and attendees sew silk cocoons at a small table.

Bi-City Biennale of Architecture/Urbanism

Shenzhen, China December 2015 – March 2015
Budget: $15,000
Size: 10 x 20 meters
Materials: acrylic, plastic netting, mulberry plants, fish, water
Curator: Aaron Betsky

Images Courtesy of UABB 2015